Celebrate the Fourth of July Holiday With ZipZone

Celebrate the Fourth of July Holiday with ZipZone!

Are you aware of the exhilarating feeling you can experience from gliding through the treetops while viewing native plants, gorgeous, untamed wildlife and majestic trees? If not, you are missing out! That’s why ZipZone is inviting you to enjoy a discount on your next zip lining adventure.

Celebrate the Fourth of July With ZipZone

This family holiday should be spent having fun and appreciating the many freedoms our nation enjoys. Why not bring the family for a safe, action-packed afternoon that introduces new experiences and educates the youngest to the oldest on nature and all its beauty?

We have a number of great tours to choose from and we’re offering a special discount just in time for the Fourth of July holiday. Use the code ZIPUSA16 for a 10 percent discount on your family’s adventure. This coupon code is valid now, and can be used to book Canopy Tours and Zip Rush tours. The discount must be used on a tour booked between June 29 and July 8 (We will be closed on July 4th). Reserve your spot now to take the first step in your family’s summer adventure.

Summer Discovery

While you can enjoy zip lining at any time of the year, many prefer to zip during the summer season. Warmer temperatures and mild breezes provide tour participants with greater comfort during the tour, keeping children and adults cool in the shelter of the trees and refreshing breeze.

The warmer weather also provides participants with a wider range of plants and wildlife to view! Animals are more active during the summer and plants are in full bloom, protected by the tall trees that cover the 20 acres ZipZone is built on.

Celebrate the Stars & Stripes June 29th-July 8th get 10% off using code ZIPUSA16

In addition, daylight saving time creates longer days, leading to tours that can be held later in the afternoon. ZipZone schedules tours to accommodate the busy schedules of working and vacationing families, so we always have time for you and your family to come out and zip with us.

The summer is usually considered perfect weather for zip lining. However, if you have any questions or just need additional information about our services, hours of operation or safety procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond quickly to help you through the Q&A process so you can make your reservation or look elsewhere for your summer adventure.

Stay Safe on the Fourth of July Holiday

ZipZone Canopy Tours is proud to be ACCT certified, upholding the highest in safety standards. Our services are family-friendly and reliable, with daily equipment checks and regularly maintained grounds.

Our tours are given by professionals that only take small groups for each tour. Not only does this practice provide your family with personal attention, but it also helps ensure that safety procedures are followed closely. We will always put you first!

Stop in to check out our facilities. We think you will like it here. We sure do!