Experience Nature from Above

May 21, 2015

Experience Nature From Above

If you are looking to embark on a rollicking adventure this summer, ZipZone Canopy Tours is the place to be. We’re currently offering three special tours, highlighted by the Full Moon Zip Tour and the Forest Discovery Tour. Who doesn’t want to try the ultimate zipline experience? If you’re new to this particular adventure and are having trouble mustering up the courage to give it a shot, have no fear! We go to great lengths to make ziplining as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Even the most experienced zipliners will find that our special tours are completely different than the standard zipline experience.

An Expedition in the Treetops

While there are zipline services all throughout the world, none can hold a candle to our unique Full Moon Zip Tour and Forest Discovery Tour. You will be hard pressed to find a more thrilling zipline tour adventure. Our special zip line tours are hands free and guided by professionals, allowing you to zoom along the treetops from platform to platform with ease. You won’t have to concern yourself with steering, comfort or direction. We’ve simplified the zipline experience so you can focus on the natural beauty surrounding you. You’ll feel as though you are flying like a bird above pristine streams, ravines, wildlife, and gorgeous greenery. Our zipliners can even walk across our special sky bridges to check out centuries-old trees. Each tour is intentionally kept small to create a personalized experience that doesn’t get bogged down by logistics or other concerns.

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Full Moon Zip Tour

If you set aside time to explore the outdoors this summer, the Full Moon Zip Tour or the Forest Discovery Tour are the perfect way to do it. Take whatever vision you have of the zipline experience and throw it away, because our special zip line tours always exceed expectations. Our Full Moon Zip Tour is offered each month throughout the summer. We start ziplining right around the time when the full moon is out for a one of a kind experience. Ziplining between the treetops beneath the moonlight provides an adrenaline rush that you’ll want to relive over and over. If you have any concerns over the safety of ziplining at night, don’t fret! Thousands have participated in nighttime ziplines and emerged unscathed and excited as ever! Each Full Moon Zip Tour is guided by an experienced ZipZone Canopy Tour professional who will provide expert guidance and answer any questions you might have. Check out the Full Moon Zip Tour schedule online to view available dates and book your tour.

Forest Discovery Tour

If you are looking for things to do in Columbus Ohio, our Forest Discovery Tour is second to none. This tour was designed to help locals and visitors see the area’s natural beauty from a new vantage point. Like each of our tours, Forest Discovery lasts two hours and sends zipliners across 20 acres of all-natural glory. Your tour guide will teach you about the forest’s nuances as you zipline from treetop to treetop in a wondrous living aerial laboratory. The tour features Columbus Metro Parks naturalists who provide unique insight about forest idiosyncrasies. You’ll learn all about fauna, flora, fungi, wildlife, and everything else in this green space. Yet you’ll be able to see it all from above. This is the ultimate adventure for nature lovers and anyone who has an interest in experiencing the forest from a “bird’s eye view”.

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