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Host Your Birthday Party at ZipZone

June 4, 2015

Birthday Parties At ZipZone

Are you searching for new and exciting things to do in Columbus, Ohio? Do you have a birthday party coming up and want to plan something fun, unique and completely out of the ordinary? If so, ZipZone has the just the right mix of fun, excitement and of course, high-flying action!

Not Your Average Zipline Experience

This is not your average zipline tour. You won’t simply slide down one line and be done.  Oh no! Instead, you will take a two hour guided tour across tree tops, streams and ravines. You and your birthday guests will get to see and experience the natural landscape of Columbus in an entirely new and exciting way.

Planning Your Zipline Tour

While ZipZone is all about fun and adventure, there are a few requirements for the members of your party. This is to ensure everyone’s safety on the tour.

  • Riders need to be at least seven years old and at least 50 pounds
  • Maximum weight is 270 pounds
  • Must be ready for some physical activity

It is highly suggested that you avoid the tour if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart conditions, seizures, dizziness, back or neck issues, or a fear of heights.

5 Reasons why having a birthday party at Zipzone is the best

Ditch the Pool Party

ZipZone zip line tours are made for everyone, making them the ideal birthday party activity. Instead of being stuck inside or having another party at the pool this summer, consider the high-flying, action packed adventure you and your guests will have at ZipZone.

There is no need for previous zipline experience, since our trained and experienced guides will take care of all safety gear and other aspects of the trip.

Due to popular demand, ZipZone has introduced a new special for kid’s birthday parties.  You will receive custom invitations, and use of our on-site shelter after your tour for lunch and cake to celebrate! If you have a group of eight or more people, you will receive a great birthday discount. Please call the office for this special deal at 847-9477.

According to past visitors, this is one of the most fun ways to celebrate a birthday. If you are tired of the same old stuff for your kid’s party, or even your own, then contact ZipZone today to schedule your next birthday celebration.

Considering the Details

What will it cost for a party at ZipZone? The cost is extremely affordable and the more people you bring, the lower the price is per person. The team at ZipZone has years of training and experience to ensure your entire party feels safe and secure throughout the entire event. If you are ready for a birthday party that will not be soon forgotten, contact ZipZone Canopy Tours today to schedule your own zip line tour.  For more info, CLICK HERE!

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