How Do I Stop??

One of the best parts about ziplining is travelling at high speed above the forest floor. For some of us, the faster the better. Of course it’s easy to be comfortable zooming towards a tree when you know there is a system in place to slow you down and stop you safely before you reach the end.

Some people are very apprehensive about how they will slow down and stop after reaching such awesome speeds. In the world of zip lines there are many options for systems to slow or stop guests at the end of the line. Some ziplines are built with using a more slack line that allows gravity to slow the rider before they reach the end. Other tours may give you gloves and teach you to slow yourself down by pressing on the cable to stop. From springs to magnets to ropes and pulleys, there are many mechanisms out there used as braking systems on ziplines. If you ask us, ours is pretty sweet!

Why is our brake so freakin’ cool?

The braking system used at ZipZone was developed by our owners in conjunction with an engineer. We have a unique block that is attached to the cable with a rope system. Our guides are able to maneuver the brake and adjust its position on the line so that it is set at just the right place for each rider. The automatic catch mechanism on our block ensures that if you reach the brake you will make it all the way in. The best part about our braking system is that it does not require anything from you, the rider! Our guides take care of everything and whether you are coming in fast or slow, forwards or backwards, they will bring you into the platform with ease!

So come fly with us and show off your speed, happy zipping!