Let us guide you!

What makes a good canopy tour?

Now that you know what a canopy tour is (click here for more info!) lets check out what might shape the experience of going to one. Of course the weather and location will set the scene but there are several other aspects of a canopy tour that can be totally different from course to course. At ZipZone we pride ourselves on our skilled staff, beautiful course and worry free systems. But, no matter how cool the zipline course is, a good guide makes all the difference!.

A little bit about our guides:

Your guides will be a critical part of your experience at any canopy tour. From helping you with your gear to knowing what to expect up in the trees and actually traveling on the course, your guides are there to help you have a great time. Many canopy tours take people out in small groups accompanied by 2 or more guides. Depending on the course type, the guides can be more or less involved in how you move between ziplines. At ZipZone our guides take care of all technical aspects of the experience. Not only will they help you gear up and tell you what to expect, they will maintain your safety throughout the tour. All of our guides are thoroughly trained to safely lead you through our course in every way, whatever comes up, they’ve got you covered!

At ZipZone you can travel through the trees of a 100 year old forest knowing that those butterflies in your stomach are natural but unnecessary. We put safety first and designed our course and program to be as safe and worry free as possible. So come on out and give it a try, we can’t wait to show you how unique and fun an experience it is!