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Everyone who partakes in ZipZone zip lining will be able to cherish the experience forever thanks to our photo kiosk system. Our tour guides take pictures of you and your friends or family while you enjoy this one of a kind tour through the sky. You can check out all of the snapshots after you have finished your ZipZone experience. If you like the shots, you can purchase them for a small fee. The photo capture and presentation process is all made very easy thanks to our state of the art photo kiosk system.

Lean on the Experts to Capture Your Zip Lining Moments

ZipZone participants are also allowed to bring their own cameras. You are free to take as many snapshots as you like while zooming across the tree tops with your buddies. However, using a camera high in the air at fast speeds is a bit of a challenge. Most zip liners leave the photography to our tour guides and pick up their favorite shots at our photo kiosk system after they have enjoyed a day soaring between the trees. If you decide to bring your own camera, you must find a way to connect it to your body, either through a strap or a cargo style pocket on your pant leg.

Photography - ZipZone participants are allowed to bring their own cameras

If you feel like bringing your own camera to our state of the art zip line tour is an inconvenience, you are not alone. Your focus, as a zip liner, should be on living in the moment and enjoying your position high above nature’s beauty as you zoom through the air. Attempting to hold onto a camera and take high quality snapshots during this activity can be quite a challenge. Do not hesitate to enjoy yourself and your amazing opportunity to zip line along the tree tops while relishing nature’s glory. You will have the opportunity to pick up digital images at our photo kiosk once your experience is over. You can print them, post them or use them for whatever purpose you would like. Personalized photos of your ZipZone adventure can be purchased for $5. Each additional photo can be purchased for a mere $2. You can even view and purchase photos after you have finished your ZipZone experience by clicking here. Photos purchased online cost $5 each.

Take Home a GoPro HD Video of Your ZipZone Experience

ZipZone participants can also take home a GoPro HD style video. This really is the perfect way to capture the ZipZone experience. We will connect a GoPro HD camera to the top of your helmet and it will record gorgeous High Definition video of your zip lining experience. If you are interested in renting a camera for your Zip Zone adventure, speak with a representative at our reservation desk. Your GoPro HD camera rental will only cost $25 and you will go home with a crystal clear video of your zip lining experience that you can share with family and friends. The footage is recorded on a handy memory card that you can slip in your pocket for easy transportation.

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