What People Are Saying About Us

What People Are Saying About Us

While we like to toot our own horn here at ZipZone, we think it is important to shed light on the reviews written by our customers. A common theme amongst these reviews is the family-centric environment of ZipZone. People love to bring their kids to zip line through the sky above ravines, stunning greenery, wildlife and the other aspects of our beautiful forested landscape.

TripAdvisor Feedback

TripAdvisor has rated ZipZone as the number one rated outdoor activity in all of Columbus. We have received a certificate of excellence and an array of highly complimentary reviews. Candice R. notes the following on TripAdvisor: “We are a family of four mom, dad, 14 and 15 year old teens. This was the perfect stop for us on our trip…We chose the two zip with 50 ft jump at the end it was so neat. I have to say we did alot on our trip and this was by far something the kids and us.”

A ZipZone customer from Worthington Ohio states, “The Guides were awesome, helpful, and informative during the tour. My daughter, who came along on this excursion and was experiencing this for the first time, had a blast! We are already talking about doing one of the moonlight tours later this year.”

Erin G. from Reynoldsburg, Ohio says, “Me and my husband first time zip lining and we both loved it. The instructors Justin and his team were the best. They did all the clipping, unclipping [and] helped with your harness”

Yelp Reviews

Interested zip liners who surf on over to Yelp will find equally impressive reviews. Scott H. from Sparta, Ohio states, “ [My brother] was down here with his wife and my 9 year old nephew for a long weekend visit. Neither one of them had ever done a zip line before, but Jake is an adventurous young lad so my brother was confident he would do well. The staff balanced the seriousness of getting the equipment right with lighthearted fun so kids and first timers wouldn’t be overly worried about what they were getting ready to do.”

Review From Yelp

Another outstanding review posted to Yelp comes from Jeffrey J. of Aurora, IL: “Great time. Took my 8 year old son and we both had a blast. Guides were excellent and even told us about some of the native trees. Fun and educational! I felt completely safe the entire time…best zip lining we have ever visited.”

What to Bring for the Best Zip Lining Experience

If you are wondering what to bring to make the most of your Zip Zone experience, take your family and friends with you as well as your adventuresome spirit! Zip liners are also encouraged to wear long t-shirts and shorts as well as sunscreen to ensure comfort. Be sure to wear athletic style footwear or closed toe hiking sneakers/boots. Flip-flops and sandals are not allowed. Our zip line tour brings you through the sky, from one tree platform to the next. You will have a remarkable view of nature at its finest so feel free to bring a camera to take some snapshots. Bring a strap or pants with cargo pants as well so you can firmly secure your camera as you glide through the sky. You can also purchase snapshots of your experience in at our photo kiosk or on the web if you would prefer to not be saddled down by a camera.

How to Reserve a Spot for a ZipZone Tour

ZipZone is located at 7925 N High St. in Columbus, OH 43235. You can reach us by phone at (614) 847-9477. Interested parties can make a tour reservation here or call our main line and we will help you book a reservation for a zipline tour!