Enjoy the Fall Weather and Foliage at ZipZone

Enjoy the Fall Weather and Foliage at ZipZone

When you’re looking for things to do in Columbus, Ohio in the fall, a zip line tour should be at the top of your list. The fall weather never felt so good than when flying through the trees on a zip line course. If you’ve been on a zip line adventure in the spring or summer, you already know how exhilarating and fun they can be. But Ohio’s gorgeous fall colors make for the most spectacular backdrop of all.

This season, the vivid fall foliage will appear a bit later than usual due to the excess rain. Optimal colors are set to arrive between mid-October and early November. ZipZone offers tours through Nov. 8th, so there’s still plenty of time left to set the perfect fall trip.

Zip Lining in the Fall

Many adventurers think zip lining is only a warm weather activity. The truth is that fall temperatures are mild enough to allow a fantastic zip lining experience as long as you dress for the weather. For those who’ve never done a zip tour, fall is the perfect backdrop to view the landscape from overhead, right at the peak of the leaves changing colors. Whether you’re interested in planning a party for a special occasion or just taking a tour with a few friends, ZipZone offers tours that will keep you soaring throughout the adventure.

Experienced guides take you from platform to platform and lead you along sky bridges while giving you ample time to study the wildlife and take in the scenery. With a wide array of tours to choose from, there’s no worry that the pace will be too fast or too slow for your taste. Guides are professionally trained to keep you safe throughout the tour.

It’s recommended that those scheduling a tour in the fall make sure that they wear layers of clothing. The weather in Ohio can change quickly and it’s always better to be able to remove clothing if the temperature increases than to be too cold to enjoy the scenery due to poor planning. ZipZone also offers special Freaky Flight Tours during the week of Halloween, which take place in the dark. Other fun activities with the Freaky Friday Tours include a costume contest and pumpkin chuckin’.

ZipZone Tours are Available Through Nov. 8

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If you’re interested in any tours to enjoy the changing colors of the trees, celebrate the spooky season, or just get in one last fun zip line adventure before the season ends, contact ZipZone today. We can answer any questions you might have about the types of tours and schedule your perfect adventure for you.