Five Spring Things to Do in Columbus

5 things to do in Columbus during the springtime

We don’t know about you, but here at ZipZone we’re itching to get outside now that spring is here. In Columbus, there is a wide range of activities that allow you to soak in the sunshine and excitement of spring. This article highlights five essential Columbus springtime activities that will help you get rid of the winter doldrums once and for all.

Book a Zip Line Tour 

Of course, we’re biased…one of the best things to do in Columbus, is to book a zip line tour, and there is no better time to do it than spring! On a zip line tour, you can comfortably cruise through the springtime canopies of Columbus, enjoying a view that is breathtaking and exhilarating.

With a zip line tour at ZipZone, you will enjoy:

  • A two-hour tour.
  • Professional guides and instruction.
  • Gliding over the natural landscape of canopies, streams and ravines.
  • Walking across sky bridges.
  • The return of spring!

After you’re done zipping through the treetops, we recommend soaking in city with these great outdoor activities:

Take a Trip to the Franklin Park Conservatory

If you enjoy culture, art and all things botanical, be sure to put Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens on your springtime shortlist. At Franklin, you will enjoy butterfly exhibits, garden collections, art collections and classes that teach you exciting things such as hot glass blowing. No matter what type of beauty you admire, Franklin Park Conservatory is sure to have something beautiful you will enjoy.

Visit One of the Many Columbus Parks and Trails

Whether you love historic trails and farms, beautiful rivers or inimitable parks and gardens, Columbus has them all. There’s no need to shortchange yourself, so visit several of the gorgeous woods, parks and trails that Columbus has to offer. Check out this list of parks and trails in Columbus to determine which ones strike your springtime fancy.

Visiting one of the Metro Parks, one of the best things to do in Columbus

Enjoy the Wildlife at Columbus Zoo

The exotic animals are just as happy as you are that winter has come to an end, so be sure to pay them a visit at the Columbus Zoo. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a nonprofit zoo that is a full-day adventure for you and the whole family. The zoo’s exhibits are divided by regions of the world, making it easy to find and locate all of your favorite animals. With more than 9,000 animals and hundreds of species, the Columbus Zoo is truly a Columbus treasure, making it a great way to spend a beautiful spring day.

Take Part in America’s Favorite Pastime 

Huntington Park is one of the finest minor league stadiums in the entire country, and the Columbus Clippers are a top Triple-A team that is the Cleveland Indians’ farm club. That means you can enjoy spring by watching some of the top Major League Baseball prospects in the country. So take yourself out to the ballgame, become a part of the crowd, and enjoy the spring weather in conjunction with some quality baseball.