Meet Our Guides!

Meet Our Guides:



Hively BiopicJosh Hively

Josh is an Ohio transplant, having moved here from South Carolina in his youth. He has been with ZipZone since our humble beginnings in 2012. Josh is an avid bike rider and has been known to ride for over an hour just to have the pleasure of being a ZipZone guide on a busy day. This past year he became a certified master gardener and can be found harvesting wild edibles from our forest almost any time of year. When he isn’t zipping with us he is an integral part of our maintenance and construction team. If you have been brave enough to try our QuickJump then you owe Josh a high five for helping to install the newest adrenaline rush at ZipZone!


Spencer BiopicSpencer Morgan

Spencer came to Columbus from far away Granville to pursue an education at The Ohio State University. He made his way onto the ZipZone team in our first season and has carved out a place for himself as the repeat champion of the employee star chart. We fear that this may have gone to his head this summer because he seems to be pursuing fame. From his starring role in a 10TV spot about ZipZone to an appearance on the Late Show with Craig Ferguson (while on vacation in California), Spencer is taking the small screen by storm. We hope his next on screen adventure will highlight one of his many non-guiding skills which include rock climbing and playing arcade games.