There’s Still Time to Save with Our Early Bird Pricing

There’s Still Time to Save with Our Early Bird Pricing

The zip line season is underway and we’ve got some great discounts to help you book your adventure. Our Early Bird pricing is the perfect way to secure your spot soaring among the trees in Columbus. Have you booked your time yet? What are you waiting for?

Save On Your Zip Line Adventure with Our Early Bird Prices

It is the perfect time to book your next big adventure at ZipZone. We have a special offer for you that keeps your costs down and gives you and the entire family the ability to have a thrill of a lifetime. With our special discounted rates, you can have the time of your life without having to think twice about it! The early bird prices are as follows:

  • Weekday Canopy Tour: $55
  • Weekend Canopy Tour: $60
  • Zip Rush Tour: $40

Use code EARLY2016 for Canopy Tours, and code ZEARLY2016 for the Zip Rush Tours. But you have to act now! Our Early Bird pricing ends today, April 15.

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Why Zip Line?

While our early bird prices are a good reason to get involved in the first place, you’ll also want to spend some time enjoying all of the benefits and amenities that zip lining can offer. Here are three reasons you should try zip lining this year:

  1. Zip lining is a great tool for building trust and overall confidence. It can help you to overcome a fear or give you the rush of a lifetime as you try something new. There’s simply nothing like it!
  2. The canopy tours and zip rush tours we offer are an incredible way to see Columbus and the surrounding area from a whole new light. If you have not done this yet, you’ll want to experience just how exhilarating this can be.
  3. It’s fantastic fun for the whole family. Bring everyone out to spend some time on the zip line with us. You will find it can be the perfect way to spend time together. You are creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Zip lining offers fantastic fun for the whole family.You will find it can be the perfect way to spend time together and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Now that you have some idea of what you can expect, why not take the time to book your trip now? When you can take advantage of all of these benefits, have this much fun and get a great price to do so, there’s no reason to put off your zip line adventure any longer.

Go ahead and book a trip! Feel the sensation of the wind in your hair and fall in love with the thrill of it all. It is good for you, good for building your family’s memories, and excellent for thrill seekers of all types. Visit our website to book your zip line tour today.