Ziplining 101

It’s more than just a Zipline.

It seems like everywhere you turn these days there is another zipline popping up. They are certainly growing in popularity and for good reason! Ziplining is an accessible and affordable activity, you get adventure, adrenaline, and some fresh air. While ziplines may seem like a new trend, we have been involved in training staff, inspecting and running zip tours for many years now. We can give you some insider knowledge on how they work and what you can expect when you sign up!

If you look for them you can find ziplines in more places and forms than you can imagine. From school gyms to farm fields, city streets to old growth forests, you can put a zipline anywhere that you can find or build something to attach it to. One style that we love here at ZipZone is the Canopy Tour.

What is a Canopy Tour?

A Canopy Tour usually consists of multiple ziplines built in a forest. These tours can include non-zipline elements such as bridges or rope lowerings and usually take a little more time and involvement than a simple “one and done” ride like a roller coaster or waterslide. Every canopy tour is unique in many facets including, of course, location and layout but also in the size and style of the course.

What is ZipZone like?

At ZipZone we have 5 ziplines and 4 skybridges all connecting our platforms that are built directly in the trees. Our lines range in length from 300 to 800 feet long. You will begin in a treehouse, finish on the ground, be as high up as 150 feet somewhere in the middle, and you may reach speeds around 25 miles per hour on some of our longest lines!

Why should you visit?

People visit canopy tours for many different reasons. Some visit for the thrill, to face a fear, or to get out in nature. It can be a great time for family bonding or an adventurous new setting for a bachelorette party. Some tours are education and conservation oriented. At ZipZone you will find friendly knowledgeable staff and a beautiful forest ready for exploration! Come get some fresh air and relax with our awesome guides who will show you the ropes and let you know a bit about our forest.

Stay tuned here for much more informative posts about the wide world of Ziplining! Whether you are a world traveler or like to stay close to home, we think ZipZone will be a perfect introduction to how cool canopy tours can be. See you soon!