Is Zip Lining Scary?

Is Zip Lining Scary?

Zip lining is an exhilarating, gravity-defying adventure that allows travelers to glide down a mountain or over the treetops from the safety of a stainless steel cable and pulley system. A harness attached to the pulley allows you to sit comfortably while you take in the unbeatable view.

Zip lining is a popular activity for adventure enthusiasts seeking the thrill of flying without the risk factors that accompany parachuting out of a plane or bungee jumping off a bridge. Zip lining, like any other recreational activity, comes with risks, but they are risks that can be minimized. Choosing a licensed and reputable zip line tour company, following the safety protocols provided by your tour guide and exercising common sense will help you have a fun, and safe, time on the course.

Will I Enjoy Zip Lining if I’m Afraid of Heights?

The glorious views and sensation of flying are the reasons zip lining is such a sought after activity. Ironically, these are the same reasons that people are afraid to give zip lining a chance. If you have a severe or debilitating phobia, you may not enjoy zip lining. But there are tours suited to almost anyone’s needs, from tours that are slow and lower to the ground to ones that allow you to fly fast over the treetops.

If you’re trying to get over a fear of heights, zip lining is a moderate alternative to any other air sport, such as parasailing, hang-gliding or skydiving. Most people who’ve tried zip lining end up realizing it wasn’t nearly as scary as they were afraid it would be.

At ZipZone, we check our tours and equipment for irregularities and imperfections daily. Your safety is our top priority.

At ZipZone, our canopy tours are designed to start off slow (and lower to the ground) and pick up gradually. This should help introduce you to the sensation gradually so you have time to adjust and enjoy yourself. Our certified guides will be there to help you and keep you safe every step of the way.

If you change your mind, no worries! ZipZone (and any other respectable zip line tour company) won’t make you do anything you don’t want to. We’re strictly of the “Challenge by Choice” philosophy.

Is Zip Lining Safe?

The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) sets the industry standards for building and maintenance of zip line courses. The ACCT mandates that all courses be inspected annually by a certified third party. Approval from the ACCT means that a facility was built and is currently maintained by trained professionals. For your own safety, never use a zip line course that does not meet or follow ACCT standards.

The ZipZone staff checks our tours and equipment for irregularities and imperfections daily. Your safety is our top priority. All our guides are trained by Get a Grip Adventures, LLC, to meet or exceed ACCT standards, and the cables on our courses are tested to hold up to 26,000 pounds!

Zip Lining Restrictions and Requirements

Despite our passion for the activity, we are aware that zip lining is not for everyone. In fact, there are some cases in which we strongly recommend that you do not zip line. If you suffer from high blood pressure, neck and back pain, seizures or heart problems, please check with a doctor before signing up.

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ZipZone Tours also doesn’t allow pregnant women, people weighing less than 50 pounds or more than 250 pounds to ride the zip lines for their own safety. However, if you’re at least moderately active and you want to try something challenging and new, zip lining could be your new favorite activity!

If you’d like to try zip lining in a controlled and safe environment, book one of ZipZone’s canopy tours today! You won’t find a more knowledgeable and compassionate staff anywhere in Columbus, Ohio!